SHOCK: Professors claim Trump could be 1st to win all 50 states

In a shocking turn of events, professors and political science analysts are declaring that Donald J Trump could become the first person in American history to claim all 50 states in an election. Admit it. Donald Trump is a volcano in a forest of Ronson lighters. You’re not going to stop him. He may carry…

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The Alpha Advantage

The latest buzz about alpha males has spawned workshops and books geared toward both women and men who want to become more "alpha" in business. How can being more alpha help female entrepreneurs? "Women need to stop waiting to be recognized and go after exactly what they want," advises Christopher Flett, author of What Men…

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How To Create An RSS Feed For YouTube 2016

How to create an RSS feed for youtube

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create an RSS Feed for YouTube as of 2016. Seems that since Google decided to do away with their feed reader they decided that RSS feeds for the stuff they own aren’t necessary, but we marketers know differently right? So here’s how to create an RSS feed…

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Rebirth of Email Is Coming in 2016 – Really?

Email marketing was ignored, under-resourced, and declared uncool and dead during the rise of social media. Now that leased media is morphing into paid media, and paid media is morphing into blocked media, brands are returning to permission-based email marketing to find that it has new synergies, powerful new capabilities, broader integration, and fresh blood.…

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Pajama Affiliates – Getting The Most Out Of Your Website

pajama affiliates

Pajama Affiliates to the rescue! When it comes to getting the most out of your website, it is important to understand the fundamentals of creating and syndicating posts.  Most of you, my clients, are stuck when it comes to driving your shiny new website and getting it to create sales for you. While I try…

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