P1RankMe – Backlinking Effective and Simple


Backlinking lately has become this terrifying ordeal of trying to decide whether you want to be joined to another site or not. Sometimes backlinks, even bad backlinks, happen organically, though usually backlinking if it is going to happen at all needs to be by design. The question is how can  you get backlinks that are…

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Trust Funnel Review – Brian G Johnson Rocks It

It was probably two or three years ago now that I first discovered Brian G Johnson. The most memorable thing about him was the tag he put at the end of his emails. People DO NOT fail at internet marketing, they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens…Brian G Johnson Not that the information he…

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How To Find Good Keywords To Get Ranked In Google

how to find good keyword phrases to rank in google

There are many strategies on how to find good keywords to get ranked in Google, some require purchasing access to software while others use free tools. The process I like to use does use Jaaxy  which you can use for free to do 30 searches. In this video I will show you how I use…

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Clickbank University Review Millionaires in the Making

clickbank university review

In this Clickbank University review of the December 2014 training offering by Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz of Clickbank fame we will look at what you can expect to receive for your investment. Clickbank itself has been around for many years. It is a great place to get affiliate offers from, or even set up…

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How to Properly Use Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

http://www.topproducerlifestyle.com How to Properly Use Hashtags in Your Social Marketing Efforts In this video, I share two tips for creating more effective marketing campaigns using hashtags… Do something today that will change your tomorrows…start a blog visit

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