How to Speed Up a Website – Recovering from the Crash

How to speed up a website

In my recent quest to learn how to speed up a website I managed to crash three of my sites! So that you don’t have to suffer the same fate on your sites I thought I’d share with you my adventure and what I learned from it. This whole process has been a huge reminder…

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Got Google Update Problems-Fight Back With Reverse Attack Marketing

Google update problems

Are you still beating your head against the wall trying to get your stuff to rank again (or even for the first time) after the animal updates in Google? If you’ve got Google update problems you need to understand how to fight back with Reverse Attack Marketing. Reverse Attack Marketing Misconception After using Reverse Attack…

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Still Struggling To Make Sales? Reverse Attack Marketing To The Rescue

reverse attack marketing

This morning while going through my emails I happened on Jennifer Ledbetter’s email answering questions about making sales (and ultimately money) with the RAM method (reverse attack marketing).     How Much Can I Make Online With This? One of the most common questions I get about Reverse Attack Marketing – or heck, ANY affiliate…

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Keyword Research 2014 – A Whole New Approach

keyword research

Every once in a blue moon, something comes along and totally changes the way you look at a process. This is exactly what happened to me yesterday. I’ve been humming along, doing keyword research in the same old way that has been taught for years. It was hit and miss whether the search engines would…

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SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New Blog

SEO Optimization Tips

SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New Blog   You have a shiny new blog idea! Great! Let’s get that blog off to the best possible start by looking at some SEO optimization tips that  you must know from the start to get your blog to rank. These techniques work well with a new blog…

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