Tying Related Posts Together For Maximum Effect

SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New blog -Chapter Four   There are several was to go about tying related posts together to get the maximum effect with search engines and to, more importantly in my opinion, help your readers solve their problem in one spot. You can take a main keyword and then using…

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Related Keywords For Posting in Clusters

keyword research

SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New blog – Chapter Three   Use related keywords for posting in clusters? What the heck is a cluster you might be wondering. In my world a cluster is a group of closely related items, for instance keywords or keyword phrases.   Now that we have our main keywords…

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Permalinks The Secret Of Editing For SEO Optimization


 SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New Blog – Chapter Two When it comes to SEO optimization permalinks count! Permalinks are the end part of the URL added when you create a new post. For this post that you are reading the permalink is http://www.jillehart.com/permalinks In case you are wondering permalinks is the keyword I…

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Interlinking Your Blog Posts Why It Is So Important

interlinking your blog posts

SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New blog – Chapter Five   Don’t you love it when you go to a blog to find some information or solve a problem you have and discover a ton of links there to further help you refine your solution?  That is what interlinking your blog posts is all…

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How Do You Add Your URL To The Search Engines?

add your url

SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New blog – Chapter Six   Good news! When it comes time to add your URL to the search engines there are some free ways to make this happen almost painlessly. You will want to add your URL to a couple of the big sites manually however and we…

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