Marketing Blog Posts – Don’t Be A Wall Flower

SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New blog – Chapter Seven   When it comes to marketing blog posts or getting traffic to your new blog there are as many ways to promote it as there are gurus to sell you stuff to make it happen. Believe me when I tell you there are a…

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How To Do Keyword Research Before You Start Blogging

how to do keyword research

Chapter One – SEO Optimization Tips To Start A New Blog There are many tools available when it comes to how to do keyword research, we will look at several here, but first let’s look at why we need to do keyword research as part of our effort before we start blogging.   Fundamentally we…

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Are You Struggling To Make Money Online?

make money online

So many people I know  and talk to on Facebook are struggling to make money online, are you one of them too? Perhaps you are struggling because of technical things, or you are having trouble focusing on what it is you want to accomplish, after all just the desire to want to make money online…

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Writing Great Content Is It Enough?

writing creat content

Corbette (of Barr’s   now, relatively famous quote “write epic shit” has me wondering is . . .writing great content enough?   What about backlinking, and side linking, design, plug ins, list building, viral bait, social media platforms, generating traffic and on and on and on? I was  reading through what Glenn over at…

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Be Like Google

James Altucher

Be like Google… This morning I was watching a video from Derek Halpern’s site, Social Triggers where James Altucher (my new favorite super hero) was talking about “Choose Yourself” – how to sell yourself when you are NOTHING. In James’ case he was less than nothing. I got several ah ha’s out of his little…

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