How To Add A Pinterest Widget Where To Put The Annoying Code

This is going to be a quick tutorial about how to add a Pinterest Widget to your website. Every time I try to add a Pinterest widget to a website, I spend forever trying to remember how I got it to work on the last one. So here. I am going to put this short…

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How to Fix Your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of those things Google uses to determine if your site is worth dishing up in the search results, but did you know that they stack the deck against  you? I’m going to show you how to fix your bounce rate so that it actually shows real statistics to both you and…

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5 Strategies for Using RSS Feeds and SEO

RSS Feeds and SEO

For a long time RSS feeds had me mystified, how do they work, why do they work, why should I care about them and then I discovered some pretty fancy things you  can do with RSS feeds beyond keeping track of information you are personally interested in. Personally I suspect, though am not certain, that…

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SEO Profiler Review – All The SEO Tools You Need In One Place

seo profiler review

First you go to one place to do your keyword research, then another for backlinking and another for checking how your site is ranking for those keywords and another and another and another… Stop the insanity! SEO Profiler Review This SEO Profiler Review is going to show how you can get everything you need to…

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How to Speed Up a Website – Recovering from the Crash

How to speed up a website

In my recent quest to learn how to speed up a website I managed to crash three of my sites! So that you don’t have to suffer the same fate on your sites I thought I’d share with you my adventure and what I learned from it. This whole process has been a huge reminder…

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