Caught Like a Deer in Headlights

deer in headlights

When you sit down to your computer to work do you feel like a deer caught in headlight? The last couple of days I have heard this same thing from several of my online friends, “I’m involved in so many things, I just don’t even know where to start”. I too have felt this way,…

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Original Content Your Website – Curate – Spin – Write It

original content your website

Yeah, yeah, I know, Google loves original content and everyone is in a tizzy about making sure it is your very own stuff that is being put out in the ether world. When you take a closer look at what constitutes original content on the web you might be surprised to find out that most…

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OTOs, Guarantees, and Other Scammy Practices Of Internet Marketers


I get it OTOs, one time offers, make money. Lots of money. But are they really worth the irritation you cause your clients? I don’t think so and here’s why. When I buy a piece of software or information product, I’m expecting to get what was offered, the whole thing. When I get sent to…

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How to Make Money Fast

Obviously you want to know how to make money fast. Let me ask you a question… Who did you help yesterday? When you hear people in the  sales and marketing field talk about adding value, what they are really saying is how can you help others. In order to do that you need to understand…

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Get Leads and Traffic Basics

get traffic

    How to Get Leads and Traffic… …The Basics   Knowing how to get leads and traffic seems to be almost taken for granted with most “guru’s” out there, yet I struggled forever, it seems, trying to figure out how to get a steady stream of visitors and leads into my business.  Gone are…

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