Afformations Review More Than A Self Help Book


Noah St John’s latest release Afformations is all the rage in the marketing, sales and self help arena. While it is an interesting look at how to go from affirmations to afformations there is a lot  more going on with this book than appears on the surface. Yes, you will learn all about the right…

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Why Ask Questions That Start With Why

ask questions

Why should you ask questions that start with why? The long and the short of it is because it causes your brain to want to find an answer. Consider this: Why is the sky blue? What did your brain do? Unconsciously we start to try to answer why questions. It is just how we are…

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Achieving Goals It Is Easier Than You Think

achieving goals

Achieving goals…how often do you set goals and kind of forget about them? It happens to me more often than I like to admit.  I’m not talking about little goals here, though they count too, but the big goals in life like making a certain amount of money, or a total life style change, or…

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How to Get People To Do What You Want

how to get people to do what you want

Ever wonder how to get people to do what you want? We all see leaders out there that make leadership look easy. Seems like every other day I see some new person pop up on my radar that has a huge following that apparently showed up out of no where.  How did that happen? It…

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Change How You Look At Life and Life Will Look Different

change how you look

When I was maybe twelve years old, my grandmother sent me a letter and in the letter was a copy of the poem by Walter D Wintle – Thinking.  That poem has had a great impact on my life. Like everyone I’ve had ups and downs but along the journey I have found that one…

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