Making Money Using Pinterest – What You Need To Know

making money using pinterest

Pinterest has 25,000,000 users! 47% of those users make buying decisions based on Pinterest recommendations! You should be making money using Pinterest too, here’s what  you need to know to take advantage of this moving and shaking social media network.

Why Should You Learn to be Making Money Using Pinterst?

People are far more likely to make a buying decision off of a Pinterest recommendation than from Twitter or Facebook. According to Mitt Ray over at Social Marketing Writing, Pinterest produces 75% more sales than Twitter and 27% more sales than Facebook.

Developing  Your Pinning Strategy

Like all other Social Media platforms you need to have a strategy that you follow to see the best results with Pinterest. You should be active, work on developing followers, interact with others on Pinterest and make sure that you are sharing their pins as well as promoting your own.

  • Repin from related pins
  • Add pins from places you visit
  • Leave constructive comments on pins – be careful here, a couple comments a day is good. Don’t go overboard, you can have your account canceled because you look like a spammer.
  • Join related boards while  you are pinning
  • Like pins
  • Share pins on Twitter and Facebook
  • Make  your posts pinable

Using Pinterest as a Backlinking Strategy

I like to build a board around the keyword I’m targeting. The board will have pins from my other related posts, that all have unique pictures, and pins from other boards on pinterest that are on a topic related to my board and I try to pin a few pins from other sources – not Pinterest, like say videos or articles that provide more information about the topic of the board.

While it is against the terms of service to post Amazon links over on Pinterest, you can make a great picture, put up a review about the product on your website, or other content building source and link to that. Tumblr is a great place to build content that links back to Amazon as is RebelMouse. So many options really.

Once  you get your board all built out the next step is to submit the URL to let the search engines know that you have a new link for them to visit.  I like to use this:


What Kind of Pictures Are Most Pinable?

Choose colorful pictures over dark or black and white. The colors Red, Orange and Brown are more preferable than those images that are mainly Blue. Images that give information, suggest a solution and give direction will generate more clicks.

People like to look at bright, clear, interesting pictures. If you are selling something real (not information) make sure that the pictures of your products are professional.

Original pictures will give you more juice than re pinning pictures. If you upload them from your computer, don’t forget to add a link to where you want the viewer to go. The default setting is blank! Setting the link is a simple process of going back in to the pin and editing it.

making moey using pinterest

How to make Pinable Pictures for Pinterest

When I first started to get the idea about making money using Pinterest, it occurred to me that I didn’t really have any idea how to make those pictures! Now I have several strategies that I employ, some are more complicated than others.

The simplest way to make pictures for Pinterest is to use Paint. It is a program you will find on your Windows based computer in the accessories section. Here is a video of the basics, but if you go and Google “how to use paint” you will find a slew of information and tutorials. It is pretty simple.


I also like Jing which is a free picture capture tool that you can use to capture images off of websites. That is how I got the images for the picture on editing Pinterest Pins above.

The third tool I like to use is Picmonkey takes a small amount of figuring out too, but is way more powerful than paint, therefore can generate some pretty amazing pictures that people will want to repin.


If you are serious about making money using Pinterest I have to recommend that you visit the social marketing writing, Mitt Ray does an outstanding job in his Pinterest for business video on teaching the ins and outs of how to use Pinterest for business from setting up the account to actually driving traffic.
Combining making money with Pinterest and Reverse Attack Marketing techniques are a sure way to get traffic to your sales pages, whether using blogs or other free sites  out there.
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