How to Get People To Do What You Want

how to get people to do what you want

Ever wonder how to get people to do what you want? We all see leaders out there that make leadership look easy. Seems like every other day I see some new person pop up on my radar that has a huge following that apparently showed up out of no where.  How did that happen? It…

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Change How You Look At Life and Life Will Look Different

change how you look

When I was maybe twelve years old, my grandmother sent me a letter and in the letter was a copy of the poem by Walter D Wintle – Thinking.  That poem has had a great impact on my life. Like everyone I’ve had ups and downs but along the journey I have found that one…

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How To Cold Call – Just Pick Up The Receiver and Dial

how to cold call

  Learning how to cold call effectively has more to do with  your mindset than anything else. Yes you can memorize scripts, but then you are going to sound just like those telemarketers who call you, ask you questions, don’t wait for your answer and drone on about what ever it is they wanted from…

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Twitter Automated With Google Alerts

There is so much to keeping up with social media and trying to make money blogging that when I come across a technique that is simple, time saving and free – I’ve just got to share it with you.  I have discovered how to  make Twitter automated with Google Alerts! You are not going to…

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11 Easy Ways To Get More Visitors To Your Offer

In any business traffic is the life blood, no traffic, no business. Getting more visitors to your offer   . . .is always going to be your goal so here are eleven easy ways to accomplish that.   Blogging – Yep, blogging on your own blog and as a guest on someone else’s blog. As…

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