What are Your Intentions?

what are your intentions

In the old days, fathers used to query prospective dates for their daughters as to their intentions. They probably knew what their intentions were before questioning them. Things don’t really change all that much, though these days it seems that things are more out in the open. And though I suspect most fathers of daughters…

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How To Find Keywords For My Website – SMH Wish I Knew This Earlier

how to find keywords for my website

When it comes to how to find keywords for my website over the years I have discovered a few tools that are super helpful. We will discuss those in a minute. I have also discovered how to see what my keywords are doing in Google as far as click rate goes. Knowing what Google thinks…

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Don’t Treat Your Customers Like My Teenage Son Treated Me Last Night

After yet another bought of “it is nine o’clock, my son has a phone  (I know because I bought it for him and pay the bill each month) and I haven’t heard from him yet”, it occurred to me that you shouldn’t treat your customers like my teenage son treated me last night. Don’t get…

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Take Action – Nothing Works Until You Do

Take action. Pretty straight forward right? Well maybe not so much. Do you ever plan to start something (like maybe that latest “thing” you thought was going to be perfect for what ever it is you are doing) then realize there is a huge learning curve, you are already over committed and instead of arranging…

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Consistent Action Will Produce Results

Consistent action will produce results. If you want specific results you need to do the specific actions consistently that will produce those results. The fastest and easiest way I know to accomplish that is to find someone who is already getting the kind of results you want in the area you desire to get results…

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