Characteristics of a social entrepreneur

A social entrepreneur is someone who has decided to undertake a venture that is aimed at tackling societies most pressing problems, like famine and climate change. A social enterprise could be a nonprofit or profit business model. Two people often associated with social entrepreneurship are Blake Mycoskie, CEO of Tom’s shoes who provide a pair…

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Easy List Building Delivers Big Returns

easy list building

Easy List Building takes the mystery out of building a list for your business or brand.  Recently Mike Dillard was marketing a webinar that he was using to a) build his list and b) teach others how to build a list and c) sell his course (which runs in the neighborhood of $4K). While I’m…

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8 Ways To Diversify Your Freelance Income

Want more stability in your financial life? Here's how freelancers can create a more reliable income through diversification. Perhaps whoever coined the phrase "don't put all your eggs in one basket" was a freelancer, because, well, that's one of the biggest financial mistakes freelancers make. If you make all your freelance income from one client,…

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What Works Now In The Affiliate Marketing World

what works now

You’ve been at affiliate marketing for a while or you are just getting started, the question is the same; what works now in the affiliate marketing world? Over the years I have been privileged to know Jennifer Ledbetter, better known as Pot Pie Girl. Jennifer is a down to earth gal with a husband, kids…

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How To Make YouTube Videos Clickable

You probably know that making videos is the way to go these days. You may have even come across a few videos with clickable links and wondered, “Gee, how did they make YouTube videos clickable like that?” Wonder no more, I’m gonna ‘splain it to you Lucy! While you are creating your video using what…

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