Social Media Marketing Mayhem

social media mayham

I have a confession to make, which after I get finished explaining a message I got this morning, social media marketing mayhem will make more sense to you. The message that made me scratch my head  was from a person who had seen a Craiglist Ad I ran for the 15 Minute Marketing Alliance. (something…

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Is Your Social Media Marketing Like Karrie’s?

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is an art that it seems more and more frequently people are struggling with.  Let’s think about how you would respond for a moment. You are in a group posting your ads cause that’s what you do right? In there are a whole bunch of other ads that sound like this… SEE…

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Twitter Automated With Google Alerts

There is so much to keeping up with social media and trying to make money blogging that when I come across a technique that is simple, time saving and free – I’ve just got to share it with you.  I have discovered how to  make Twitter automated with Google Alerts! You are not going to…

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Get Facebook Fans With Get 10000 Fans Review

get 10000 fans

So according to Brian Moran to get Facebook fans with Get 10,000 Fans is  useless! “10,000 Facebook fans is useless” that was the message I received in my inbox just the other day.  I don’t think Brian got the memo that I already purchased Get 10,000 Fans,* so I was shocked when I read that! …

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How To Get Facebook Fans

get facebook fans

Is your fan page lonely? Mine was too until I discovered how to get Facebook fans! You can get Facebook fans too by following the tip in this video I put together for you. How To Get Facebook Fans Now wasn’t that easy? The Social Media Mastery Course put together by Michelle Pescoslido will make…

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