Nope you didn’t miss read that! Actually I’m going to show you how you can find more than 128 ways to make money online right now. That is what Piggy Bank Ninja is all about.

We, over in the Pinterest Group, were talking about ways people could make money right away to allow them to go through the learning curve for making money online. Jennifer Ledbetter, may God continue to bless her, found this nifty little product to share with us.

Not only does Piggy Bank Ninja give you more than 128 ways to make money online right now, but they also offer a bunch more neat tools like:

  • 5 years worth of hosting – as part of the package (cpanel and everything)
  • over 100,000 PRL products in all of the major niche’s
  • Rewards for helping them help others!
  • Lots of links to useful places and tools

Now one might think that this is going to be super expensive, but NO, Piggy Bank Ninja is practically giving this 128 ways to make money online right now away! For the hosting alone one could expect to pay well over $300. One could reasonably expect to pay at least $25 for 1 PLR product, not the hundred thousand that they are giving away.

And Piggy Bank Ninja; if  you submit a unique way to make money fast online, they try it out and make money, well they will split the profit with you! (of course they will also share your secret with the group). They also have a newsletter that they share the latest greatest tips and tricks they have found with you through. (did I just end that sentence with a preposition? I suspect I did.)

Any whose, if you are looking to make money online fast, you really need to check these 128 ways to make money online… (I wouldn’t wait around too long I’m sure they will raise the price, but for now it is a steal if I’ve ever seen one) And no, there are no upsells with this. You get what you ordered.

Get your 128 Ways To Make Money Online Here

ways to make money online

Other courses that might help you get traction making money online that are reasonably priced

BamBamBacklings – The main concept is dated and the product is not cheap, but man oh man, it is hands down the best explanation for backlinking and getting your stuff to rank I’ve seen EVER.

Pajama Affiliates – There is something for everyone with this group. Pick and choose where you need to most help. With the master class you get access to a private Facebook group.

SunFrog Tee Shirt Profits – Learn to sell SunFrog tee shirts the free and easy way. Step by step guide to putting together a comprehensive strategy for marketing Tee Shirts online.

PotPieGirls What Works Now – You need to jump on this one fast too. Jennifer Ledbetter has been putting together little bonus guides for awhile now. I’ve even bought stuff I didn’t need so that I could read what she was doing with it. Jennifer is a GENIUS in my book. When Potpiegirl speaks, I listen. She will be putting out guides every week that outline strategies that she is using to market online. I read through the first one and, of course, was duly impressed.

Go forth and prosper.

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