In this Affiliate Sniper Pro review we are going to look at whether you can take the information delivered in this product and actually make the kind of money revealed here:

I bought Sniper Affiliate Pro and have gone through the step by step guide. It is my plan to implement these strategies over the next couple week and report back here what my results are.

affiliate sniper pro review

In the mean time I will tell you that this product is easy to read and implement. There is nothing complicated or expensive that you have to invest in to make the system work. Which is a plus in my opinion as I’m not real fond of buying products designed to sell me other products. I will tell you Surya does recommend a site that is touted as being easier to rank than a WordPress site because it is part of a network (not Empower or Level One) that will cost you $30 a month. Though, it is not necessary to join this to be successful with this strategy. There is also a 14 day trial period with the platform allowing you to test it out before you put out any more money.

There are two other offers included with Sniper Affiliate Pro – which is on sale right now, so if you are thinking about purchasing this you might want to act sooner rather than later. The first offer after you purchase Affiliate Pro is  Launch Sniper Pro. I did not opt to take advantage of that offer, but I suspect that you will learn how to find launches getting ready to happen and then be able to apply this technique to making money off of the product when it does launch. The last offer is SEO Sniper Pro which I did purchase.

What comes with Affiliate Sniper Pro?

  • A  44 page ebook with step by step instruction including pictures to help demonstrate the process
  • A blueprint at the end that summarizes the steps

This product is perfect for the beginner or intermediate affiliate marketer who is trying to put all of the pieces together to actually make money online. An advanced marketer will find almost nothing new, except the name of the platform that promises to rank quickly and effectively. In my opinion that might be worth the price of admission.


What comes with SEO Sniper Pro:

SEO Sniper Pro offers a good strategy for backlinking your site to Google Friendly places. You get a collection of sites that you can link to. If you are a Ramer (someone who uses Reverse Attack Marketing) then this will make total sense to you. This product does expand onto some other sites that I was not formerly familiar with but will certainly start to implement into my overall marketing strategy. You also get a good overview of what backlinking is and how it has evolved over the years.

Over all I think that Affiliate Sniper Pro is worth the $17 investment – it is slated to go up much higher so if you are thinking that  you might be interested, now is the time to get it. If you are new to the whole affiliate marketing world, you would probably benefit from the two other offers as well. (for a short time if you click the no thanks button on the initial offer page of the two additional offers, you will be offered both addition products at a discount – but don’t tell anyone you heard it here)


Let me know how this works for you and I will share with you my results as I get them.