“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
Robert Collier

My husband has a quote that is similar to this.

Winning is the accumulation of small victories along the way.

Marketing in a nutshell, is the process of deciding how you are going to solve your markets problems and then introducing the solution consistently to the pool of people who would best benefit from it.  How does this concept correlate to the above quotes? It is like this…

get leads for youTo get leads for you, you are going to need to consistently offer your solution to your market. You need to know your market, what they need to solve the problems they face. You need to have a plan and then  you need to work the plan day in and day out.  The easiest way to develop a plan is to follow in the footsteps of those that have gone before. They  have tested the waters and know what consistent actions will bring you the results you are looking for.

When you start looking around at the leaders in the networking and MLM industries they all have some things in common. They all blog, they all interact on Facebook and Twitter and they almost all have been part of the MLSP.  My Lead System Pro is an advanced course in marketing with all of the tools you need to get leads for you. But, not just to get leads for you, what to do with those leads once you get them.

The main thrust of MLSP is to brand  yourself, help others by providing solid marketing information like these 10 PROVEN prospecting tricks and to attract your target market to you because you are solving their problems.

In MLM and internet marketing too often we jump into things without really understanding how we are going to share what we have decided is the next “big” thing. Instead it would behoove  us to slow down and look at what our market wants and then make the decision to join (or not)  from that perspective.

Most people that I know in the networking and MLM business frontier online have gotten into the business because one) they want to make money online, and two) they genuinely want to help others.  The problem is they don’t slow down long enough to decide which problems they want to help with and they don’t end up making any money because they haven’t identified their market.

Almost 95% of those that start a home based business fail, not because they lack enthusiasm or drive. They fail because they don’t learn how to provide value in the market place. Everyone has something a little different to offer. A different perspective. You need to decide what makes you unique, find a way to  tell others about that uniqueness in a way that they would perceive you to be helpful and repeat the process consistently.

Action Assignment:

  1. Watch the 10 prospecting tips webinar to learn how to  actively prospect for leads
  2. Decide you what your unique value to the market place is
  3. Choose 2 methods from the prospecting tips webinar to implement daily

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