What is the best way to learn internet marketing? Loaded question right? The answer is, it depends. Often people confuse the thought of “making money online” with internet marketing, or marketing in general.

what is the best way to learn internet marketing


the activities that are involved in making people aware of a company’s products, making sure that the products are available to be bought, etc.

1 a :  the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market

   b :  the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service

2     :  an aggregate of functions involved in moving goods from producer to consumer
Making money on  the other hand is a result of effective marketing techniques for a particular product or service.


The initial question must therefore be: What do you wish to sell online line to make money by marketing it? And once you have decided on what you wish to provide in exchange for money how does one go about marketing it online?


Picking the product  you wish to market


There are so many different things and services one can choose from when it comes to internet marketing. You can create your own product and sell it online. Virtual products can be sold on a variety of platforms. Clickbank is in the process of teaching people how to create a product and then sell it on their platform through their new training, Clickbank University.


You can sell products you have already created in the physical world on platforms like Etsy, Amazon or Ebay.


You might have a service that you wish to sell. Even MLM can be marketed online in most cases. You should check with your parent company to be sure you aren’t violating some rule as some of the older companies do have limits to what they will allow with online promotions.


Or you might want to sell other people’s products and services as an affiliate. There are many different affiliate marketing sites that allow you to sell other’s products for a commission. Amazon is probably one of the biggest affiliate marketing sites in the world.


Here is a list of Affiliate Marketing Networks:


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Now comes the marketing part…


There are also several was to market online depending on what you have decided you are going to sell.  As an affiliate marketer the fastest and most user friendly training you can get is with Reverse Attack Marketing.  You can read my review of the product here.


Even after over a year, it is hands down the best way to learn how to leverage high ranking sites to help you make sales and drive traffic. It also comes with a mastermind group that alone is worth way more than the cost of the program. Not only can you get advise and learn ninja strategies for making sales, you also get to see and hear some pretty amazing success stories from every day people who are finally actually making money online following a few simple steps!


While Reverse Attack Marketing is primarily geared towards SEO marketing – which is mainly free traffic from the search engines, you might also want to study up on Social Media Marketing. All of this ties together in that when you create content; written, video, audio or images, the goal is to get it to rank in the search engines.


Search engines want quality content. Usually they judge that by how helpful the content is that you have created and that in turn is qualified by how much buzz you can create around it.  Social Media is a way of helping the search engines see that others like what you have created.


You can certainly pay to get traffic to your offer. That is another strategy that many successful marketers use. It is a good way to lose your shirt if you don’t know what you are doing though. Ilan and Guy Ferdman have put together a little training on Facebook marketing that I do recommend.


 And finally if you are wanting to learn how to build a blog or website to use for internet marketing you won’t find a better place to start than with Ingreso Cybernetico. You can get the details here.
When it comes to what is the best way to learn internet marketing, the answer is; which ever way helps you to make money, that isn’t complicated and expensive. Most of the people that I see who are very successful had a mentor of one sort or another. Find the people online doing what you want to do and reach out to them. Watch what they are doing, pay for the information that they produce. And as Brian G Johnson says, don’t give up because:


People DO NOT fail at internet marketing,
they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.
Now go make some magic happen 🙂

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