In this Clickbank University review of the December 2014 training offering by Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz of Clickbank fame we will look at what you can expect to receive for your investment.

Clickbank itself has been around for many years. It is a great place to get affiliate offers from, or even set up to sell your own products. Clickbank University is actually a product that Clickbank itself has introduced. That alone should speak volumes about the quality of the training.

In the article about the Quick Cash System my main complaint was that the product preys on people who don’t know anything about investing and doesn’t teach anything. Where as with Clickbank, they have actually made many people a lot of money. I have made a good deal of money personally selling affiliate products from Clickbank.  They have a good reputation and they stand behind their vendors.

In a nut shell you will learn how to convert your passions into income producing products that you can list and sell through the Clickbank market place. This is important because you will also have access to allowing other affiliate marketers to sell your product too.

Watch as Adam and Justin explain what they are offering to teach you in the Clickbank University:

You can join Clickbank University here

The main training revolves around teaching you to create products with ease that sell with little effort. You can also expect to learn how to make money through affiliate marketing by selling other clickbank products. You get access to live webinar classes where you will learn a variety of techniques from the guest speakers they bring on. The webinars are recorded so while being one of the 1000 attendees might offer you the ability to ask specific questions, you can learn quite a bit just from listening to the recordings that are available to the members. I will tell you a little secret. . .most webinars are designed to sell you something, so don’t be surprised if you are offered the opportunity to purchase additional tools with these seminars.

If you a have a passion you wish to turn into cash, this might be just the product you have been needing to catapult your business. You will learn how to actually create the product, set up sales funnels, email sequences, list building, split testing and building JV partnerships. The things you won’t learn are how to set up a website and the basics of SEO – which are extremely important unless you have deep pockets for paid advertising.

No single product can really teach you all you need to know about making money online. You need to decide where you are in the learning curve and what you want to accomplish with the tools you purchase.

clickbank university review

While Clickbank University might be a good fit for a specific group of people, namely those that are trying to build a product and market it – because after all Clickbank makes money when they get new vendors, (They even offer an affiliate commission for bringing in new vendors) if you are new to the whole affiliate marketing thing, just trying to make some money online and don’t already have a good grasp on how to make it all come together for you; I would recommend that you start with the Wealthy Affiliate University.

None of the concepts are all that difficult, but in my experience, Wealthy Affiliate does an incredible job when it comes to taking people through all of the steps necessary to become proficient at affiliate marketing with out charging you a start up fee to see if you believe it will work for you.

You can expect to pay $47 per month to get started with Clickbank University after the $1/7-day trial. There are of course several upsells – which I don’t know about you, but upsells drive me crazy. And to unlock all of the modules you will need to pay about $800 for the full year’s tuition. Of course they leave the locked modules visible so that you are constantly reminded of what you can’t get access to.

Over all I think Clickbank University is a solid product that offers their target audience the tools they need to succeed. The question  you need to ask yourself before you get started is are you that target audience?

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