gmailFor the last little while now, I keep getting emails from “guru’s” that I know and love that tell me that my whole world is ending because Gmail has changed its format!

I LIKE the new format. I think that Gmail separating my mail into different categories will be way awesome and this is why; I hate scrolling down through “everything else”.  Already Gmail has been segregating my mail between what they think is important – who knows what that criteria is – what is spam and everything else.

I look forward to getting my email sorted for me so that I can simply click on what ever tab I want to peruse. If I want to find my stuff that I have subscribed to, I know that I need to look in my promotional folder; if I want to find my spam, I need to look in my important folder – just kidding (well sort of)

It is much easier to find email if you can click on a tab that has been presorted. For years I was a secretary. When we got mail in it was processed, sometimes even into folders. Important, junk, bills, social, etc. Gmail is just bring back old style mail processing.  I wasn’t perfect and neither is Gmail. We need to work together to get our mail delivered in the way that works best for us.  Did you know you can even set up filters so that your mail goes where you want it automatically? This has been around for many years already!

If you are worried about your emails ending up in someone’s spam folder, you  need to be writing better emails when you are talking to your list. Otherwise, they know where they can find  you…in the promotion folder.

There is a way to get Google to remember that you want your emails from particular people in different folders, you simply need to drag your email from that person to the folder you want to have those emails show up in. Not a big deal really.

Action Assignment:

Go write emails, put them where you want them 🙂

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