“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


Today we are going to cover a quick little tip on how to control your emotions. It is based on the fact that breathing through your nostrils stimulates brain activity! (I’m pretty sure this is why God breathed into Adam’s nostrils not his lungs, when He breathed life into him).



How to Control Your Emotions explained by video:

Here is how it works again. The left side of your brain controls your emotions and the right side stimulates your cognitive thinking, rational thought etc. Normally we go through cycles of breathing through one nostril then the other will be the dominate nostril for awhile. This happens without us thinking about it all day and night long.

We can, however, control which nostril we are breathing through and therefore which side of the brain we will be stimulating by plugging the  nostril on the side of the brain we wish to stimulate and then breathing through the opposite nostril. If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like to feel in control, plug your right nostril and breath through your left nostril thereby stimulating the right side of your brain.

This works the opposite way too. If you would like to get into a dream like state, stimulate the left side of your brain by breathing through the right nostril while blocking the left nostril. This is particularly handy if you are trying to fall asleep or trying to meditate. This method of breathing is also good for stopping brain chatter. Sometimes my brain won’t be quiet so I can sleep. It’s almost like having someone sleep over who wants to talk all night. I use this method and am able to gently and soundly wander off to sleep, perhaps it will work as well for you.

Action Assignment

As you are getting ready for sleep tonight spend a few minutes stimulating the left side of your brain by breathing through your right nostril and plugging (gently) the left nostril. Breath this way about seven to ten breaths. Notice how you are feeling. Focus on the breathing and then let yourself drift off to sleep…sweet dreams.

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