When it comes to how to find keywords for my website over the years I have discovered a few tools that are super helpful. We will discuss those in a minute. I have also discovered how to see what my keywords are doing in Google as far as click rate goes. Knowing what Google thinks of your click through rate makes adjustments a snap.

Sometimes even if you aren’t ranking high up on the page for a keyword phrase, if you have a great, catchy, title you will get clicks.

Before we get into how to find keywords for my website, I’d like to show you how to get ideas for blog posts. Really the first step to keyword research is to decide what you are going to write about. Then you narrow down the keywords you are going to try to target.


So here are the steps I go through once I have decided what I’m going to write about.

How to find Keywords For My Website – Simple Steps For Blog Posts

Starting with Jaaxy I discern where I might want to start out. For example if I get a green light, there aren’t many websites with an exact match title, I will put that phrase down in my notepad. My idea of not that many website is around 10 to 20 max in more competitive niches.

Once I have found the phrases I am interested in using I then pop over to Google.

Putting the phrases in Google with quotes to see how many pages Google says are there. Again, I only want to compete with a few pages. And those pages need to be from sites that are not big authority sites, if that can be helped.

Next as I start typing in the keywords (without the quotes) I find other keywords that people are looking for in the auto fill section. Also I look at the keywords at the bottom of the page.

I click on the words/phrases I am think go together well.

Once I have 4 or 5 solid keywords/phrases I am off to the races.

How to Find Keywords for My Website – Setting Up A Site Around A Niche

Using the same procedure as how to find keywords for my website – simple steps for blog posts, I then group the phrases into categories. For niche sites 4 or 5 categories with strong keyword phrases backed up by solid posts and pages around using longer tail keywords with those category phrases sprinkled into the longer tail keywords where appropriate.

how to find keywords for my website

An idea for the seeds for keywords or phrases is to list out questions that you can answer. Most people use the search engines as a magic eight ball. They want answers to questions. The more thoroughly you can answer their questions the better.

How to Find The Best Keywords for A Website

Whether you are setting up a new site or revamping an older one, you might want to consider doing some sleuthing. There are sites like semrush.com where you can take the urls of sites that are in  your niche and see what keywords they are ranking for. Then try making slightly longer tail keywords that incorporate the keywords/phrases they are ranking for within them.

Some ideas for “adding” to the keyword phrases to make them longer:

  • how to
  • numbers
  • free
  • you
  • tips
  • blog post (if it is a blog post)
  • why
  • best
  • tricks
  • great

Now About Boosting Posts That Are Already Finished And Ranking

Go to Google Webmasters Tools

how to find Keywords for my website

Select search traffic and then search analytics. I ticked off Clicks, CTR and position and then page to get the information we are looking for. The click through is our goal. Anything under about 8% needs to have the title changed to be more appealing. DO NOT CHANGE THE URL.

For instance the Goat Milk Soap Recipe could be changed to Goat Milk Soap Recipe – So Easy Even First Time Soapers Get Great Results or something like that.

Once you have changed the Titles you want to change, then go back and have Google Fetch & Render which you will find under the Crawl link on the menu. Then you want Fetch as Google. This will resubmit everything. You can also change the time frame. So once you have made  your changes, wait a few days then go back in and see how things have adjusted.

Google Webmasters tools is also where you are going to want to be sure you have submitted your websites sitemap.

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