One of the most frustrating things about network marketing when  you are first starting out is how to get leads. You could take the write a list of one hundred people you know and then hound  them to death with your opportunity approach; however that is going to ensure that you no longer have friends that want to be around you and your family will suddenly forget your address and phone number for the holidays.

So how do you get leads without being obnoxious?

butterfly and flower coverI put together a list of 30 ways to attract leads fast that you can get for free by requesting it here. This list will give you a good head start on strategies for attracting people to  you rather than wearing down  your friends, almost all of these strategies are free.  Will some of  your friends join your ventures, maybe, if the timing is right. In the mean time, be their friend.

The first thing you need to identify to get leads is what your ideal lead/prospect looks like. What do they like, what problems do they have? And how can you solve them.  It is easy to get into the mind set that leads are an object, they are not, they are people. Every one has a story. Understanding the kind of person you want to work with goes a long way in making the phone lighter.

If you feel like you have to “pitch” everyone that you meet, there is always pressure on you to perform. If on the other hand you look at everyone you meet as someone that you may or may not be able to help then  you are going to be spending your time listening and asking questions which is what  you need to do when you get leads.

Selling is simply the process of helping others get what they want or need. Your job is to help them make a decision. People make decisions based on seeing themselves in the position they want to be in. If you want someone to do something you have to show them how they will feel doing it. If it feels right to them, if they can identify with it they will join.

Here is a thought for you. You just got a lead, you have their phone number and their name, do you a) call them right away and tell them all about your new biz op or do you b) call them right away and ask them how they are doing, what made them click on the offer? What hit them about what ever it was that they opted into?

Think about how you feel when you think about calling the person to tell them about your opportunity? Did you get that sinking feeling in your stomach? Did you start thinking about other ways to contact them?

How about when you think about meeting a new person over the phone to ask them about who they are, what they are interested in, what they like to do?  Easier right?

There are some tricks I have learned over the years when it comes to cold calling, or even warm calling prospects. The first is to take a deep breath, smile and think about looking them in the eye and saying hello with genuine interest. I have used scripts (I always end up going way off if I don’t use something) in the past, but find that an outline of what I want to cover works best for me.

If you were going to interview a candidate for a job, you would have a list of questions you would ask right? Well talking to people that  you might be interested in doing business with is the same thing. This goes back to the “you need to know what your ideal candidate looks like”. Don’t simply ask questions and get one word answers, frame your questions to be leading, ask them in a way that allows the person you are talking to to open up and share about how they feel, what they think, what they have tried before, why they want to try something now, those types of questions. If they share something with you that leads to other questions, great! Explore those questions. There is not a wrong way to enter into a conversation with someone else as long as it is a conversation not a sales pitch.

Action Assignment:

Your assignment today is to one download the 30 ways to attract leads fast,  describe  your idea business partner, because that is what you are looking for ultimately and then to start conversations with five new people today.

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