How To Sell T Shirts Online For Profit 6 Easy Steps

Wondering how to sell t shirts online for profit? It should be an easy process right? You slap together some t shirt designs or even find a bunch of tee’s a put together a collection. If you build it they will come?

Not so much

Like everything else related to internet marketing you have to know your customer. The first step to selling t shirts online to make money is to identify your niche. You can have lots of niches. But each niche needs to be laser targeted. That laser target also needs to be an audience that is passionate about something and has money they are willing to spend.

Next you need to consider what that niche needs, well besides t shirts. Everyone needs t shirts right? As a marketer your job is to solve problems for people. Or make them feel better about themselves. Or even make them feel a part of something bigger than themselves. With that in mind consider your niche.

how to sell t shirts online for profit

Decide how you are going to deliver content that meets one of those criteria.

Now you need to develop a social platform, website or store front to talk to that group. By talking I do not mean flood them with tons of tee shirts. I mean have a conversation. Feed them information that helps them be better, feel better, be part of a community or participate in something bigger than themselves. If you are using Facebook Fan pages or groups, your tee shirt posts should blend into the general conversation. People seeing the ad should not even notice that they are being “pitched”.

Create interesting pictures or videos that talk about what your niche is interested in and link to your collection or store. Wear your own creations and take pictures of yourself while wearing them. And You could make a video as Sunfrog themselves suggested.


The biggest tip I can give you about selling t shirts online for profit is to make the sale secondary to helping people do what they want to do or solves a problems for them.

Here is the video I made according to their direction:


Round up of the 6 Tips For Selling T Shirts For Profit

  1. Know your customer
  2. Develop the niche around your ideal customer/develop your collection around the niche
  3. Make sure the niche includes people who are passionate about it and have money to spend on it.
  4. Set up a blog, website, Facebook page or store front
  5. Deliver content that solves a problem for your customer, makes them feel like they are part of something larger, or feel better about themselves.
  6. Be a product of your own product.

Ultimately selling t shirts for profit online happens as a by product of helping people get something else they are looking for. Tee shirt sales generally happen because someone saw something they could relate to and made an impulse purchase. (Well unless they are buying gifts but that is a whole ‘nother discussion)

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