Did you take a look at the Empower Network when it was first introduced and think, “naw, not going to work”? Have you been around long enough to see the number of people that went from nothing to a lot in a relatively short period of time?

I watched.

The concept was different. The Dave’s – who got their start in MSLP, combined network marketing with blogging. Genius.

Infinite Leverage System is similar to what Empower set up in that they are using a similar model for generating revenue and allowing their partners to leverage the lead generation tools the founders have already put in place.

Is the Infinite Leverage System for you?

Are you one of the 97% of the network/internet marketers out there not making any money?

You are certainly as bright and hard working as everyone else so what sets them apart?


Consistent, highly targeted traffic to be exact.

Infinite Leverage System allows the everyday person to leverage the traffic systems that the 3% are using. This is where the old adage if you want to make what the successful people make, you need to do what they do, comes in.

Here’s the scoop:

Infinite Leverage System is uniquely positioned in the networking market place.

It is designed to solve the single biggest problem all marketers face – TRAFFIC!


is this your problem too?

Not only does ILS offer a solid traffic solution, the platform also provides, tracking, split testing, mobile redirect, and country specific targeting. And it is set up in such a way that not only do you get leads and traffic for your primary offer/opportunity, you also can make money promoting the ILS platform to others who need help (read that leverage) getting leads too.

Click Brilliance – Is Brilliant!

At just $27 per month which allows you to generate $20 per month in commissions – we are talking less than pizza for the family once a month here – gets you access to some exceptional tools that would cost you way more if  you buy them individually.

Advanced Link Tracking – Any successful marketer will tell you that tracking your traffic and conversions is one of the most fundamental and important parts of running online campaigns. This is a must have to make sure you are getting the most out of your marketing efforts and dollars.

Mobile Redirection and Tracking – Not everyone accesses the internet in the same way any longer.  This isn’t probably new to you, however, the implications are significant. Mobile phones and tables are becoming the preferred way for people to access the web, having a page optimized for these devices is crucial to ensure  conversion.

Not having mobile and tablet optimization is a sure fire recipe for leaving a lot of money on the table. In 2014 more than 50% of all web traffic came from mobile devices.


Click Brilliance is way ahead of the curve on this one.

Optional Redirect and Website Monitoring – Have you ever paid for traffic only to have your server go down? Not having to worry about this is priceless in my opinion.

Optional redirect and website monitoring allows you to have a back-up site to redirect your traffic to in case your site suddenly goes down for any reason – even sending a lot of traffic to your site suddenly can cause it to crash. This is a huge waste of money when this happens and why the monitoring and redirect is so important.

Countdown Timers and Exit Pop-Ups – Putting on the pressure…nothing says buy now like a timer running down the minutes to cause you to miss out on something. Even if it isn’t something that you want, the idea that you might miss out or be excluded makes the offer much more enticing. Just how our little human brains work LOL.

The combination of these highly effective times that shamelessly promote scarcity and exit pop-ups that just flat out work are another well thought out tool provided in the Click Brilliance package.

Website URL Rotator – This in combination with the split testing feature allows you to send traffic to several landing pages in order to discern which page converts the best before flooding it with traffic.

Split Tester – Testing, testing, testing…the marketing mantra of the internet, like location, location, location is to real estate sales. This tool allows you to run traffic to several sites to discern which one has the best conversion rate.

Seriously, testing, is the best way to maximize  your advertising dollars.

Duplicate Click redirects – Every now and again you will find that people will click on your ads more than one time. I’ve done it in the past, you probably have too.  This tool allows you to send duplicate clickers to a fresh website and has the potential to increase your conversion rates.

Geographical Targeting – This last tool alone can save you so much money in advertising. Not sure if you are aware of this or not, but many unethical traffic providers send much of their traffic from farms in the middle east and orient. (Facebook has come under serious scrutiny for this tactic) This traffic is never going to convert to sales, that is why it is imperative that what ever traffic provider you use offers you the ability to select where your traffic originates from.

Okay, that is just the product!

Now onto the Infinite Leverage System Traffic Packages:

If you are familiar with solo ads then you will understand how ILS traffic packages work. You purchase a certain package and you are guaranteed a certain number of clicks on the link in your advertising piece.


These are the current Traffic Packages being offered:

Basic: $220 – Clicks: 170 – 190
Bronze: $440 – Clicks: 340 – 380
Silver: $660 – Clicks: 510 – 570
Gold: $1,097- Clicks: 850 – 950
Platinum: $2,197 – Clicks: 1,700 – 1,900
Titanium: $4,297 – Clicks: 3,400 – 3,800

Remember my earlier comments about Empower Network? This is where what they did comes into the equation. If you are promoting Infinite Leverage System itself you are going to want to pay particular attention to this chart:

Infinite Traffic System

The larger the traffic package you get the high the potential for earnings quickly.

ILS is big on team building, like Empower Network. They have structured the commission levels to include pass ups. Here is a little diagram that shows how this pass-up system works within this company:



Essentially this chart is showing your 2nd, 4th, 6th sales will all be considered ‘pass ups’ to your direct sponsor as well as every 5th after (11, 16, 21 etc).

You will earn 40% commission on all of the traffic any of your people purchases though ILS. How much better can it get than to make money to help others solve a problem that is universal to all marketers?

Reserve your spot today.

Infinite Leverage System