Oh, my cow! InstaNiche is amazing! InstaNiche promises 60 second sites and after trying  many other fast site builder plugins and themes I have to say this one is out of the box lightening fast to put up. You are creating original content with pictures and videos and articles (that are actually readable).

InstaNiche What Is it?

The fact that the articles are easy to read and in English (as opposed to most spun content that is in some other language, pigeon, I think – you know that language spoken on docks by sailors around the world? Just barely recognizable and the sentence structure makes no sense what so ever?) InstaNiche provides lots of articles (they have 47,000+ original articles in there right now) As you use an article it is removed from the database so there won’t be duplicates.

As promised the site went up super fast. Really just a matter of clicking a few button, popping over to Amazon and deciding what you want to add to your store and zip, bang your finished!

InstaNiche provides hosting – so no fees there. You do have to have  your domain purchased though, which is simple, either you get credit on InstaNiche and buy it there or your change your domain nameservers to point to their hosting company. (They provide good directions)

One of the things I like about their training videos are that they are short and on topic when it comes to setting up your sites.

InstaNiche Upsells:

There are three of them which isn’t too bad as upsells go. The first upsell offers you InstaNiche Academy. The academy is a jam packed training product that takes you by the hand and teaches you how to find keywords, analyze your niche, dominate a category by building an authority website. Something that really is not all that hard to accomplish but if you don’t know what you are doing it is like grocery shopping in a strange neighborhood with a blindfold on.

The second upsell is InstaNiche Content Syndication. This is a monthly subscription to get content and access to the Facebook mastermind. I actually decided to purchase this in addition to the basic site builder. Having access to original content that is simple and fast to create is priceless in my book, especially since I intend to create a bunch of these niche sites.

The third and final upsell is InstaNiche Commercial License. This piece allows you to build websites for other people and populate them with the original content. If you are looking for a jobish kind of marketing experience this might be a way to pull in some extra cash helping others.

InstaNiche Is It Worth It?

Over all I believe InstaNiche is peachy. There are some technical issues that need to be addressed as I’m writing this on the first day out of the gate. However, I’m confident they will get the little bugs worked out quickly. It is totally functional as is right now. My advice to you is Go, Now, Get this! It is one of the very few products that actually works as promised straight away, and you can’t beat the price!

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