A while back I wrote about InstaNiche Viral Loop and how much I loved the platforms. You can read about them here and here. What I didn’t know at the time was that they can be used together! What I’m about to share with you is so cool. Can you tell I’m excited?


Viral Loop is still going strong however! And they created a nifty little content builder that works amazingly well.  So while the balance of the article about instaniche is outdated please read on about viral loop.

First of all with InstaNiche (you can get that here) you get a website building tool that allows you to build a website uber fast. What normally takes me an hour to do takes about ten minutes. The process is to pick a niche, 3 keywords, 3 articles, and set up 3 stores and a theme. The theme might be first. None of this matters the way I’m going to tell you to use this.

You do want to take some time with the domain name selection. You can buy a domain through them or over at godaddy or where ever  you love to buy your domains. Here is a link to a nifty tool for finding domain suggestions.

One of the problems I was having with InstaNiche is that it was difficult to find a niche that had any keywords or articles available. So, I was having trouble getting the platform to build my site (in a Niche that I wanted). Then I realized it doesn’t matter which Niche you choose because you are going to change everything  anyway.

The fast way to build the sites out with InstaNiche is to just “pick” anything along the way…any theme, any articles, don’t worry about pictures or videos or the products for the stores. (there are 3 of them which threw me off at first). We just want the site uploaded ON THEIR SERVER.

IMPORTANT PRESS RELEASE: InstaNiche has cpanel access now! An important improvement so one can access it to speed up these sites.

Once we have the wordpress site installed the magic of InstaNiche Viral Loop symbiosis begins.

Now I headed over to viral loop (you can get that here – be sure to get the done for you site upsell. That gives you access to the Facebook group which is active and helpful as well as 10 sites to start with and then 2 sites a month after) and picked a “done for you site” that matched my domain name.

I uploaded the site following the viral loop directions which are amazing by the way. Keith Goodsell and Cindy Donavan are always hanging around the Facebook group answering questions, taking suggestions, providing training. It really is way worth the money in my book.

The Viral Loop theme is going to wipe out any thing you put on the site through InstaNiche except the plugins!!! – I know the warning says you will lose the plugins but that was not my experience.

InstaNiche adds several plugins to the basic wordpress site that I believe are the foundation point for any site you are planning to install. Make sure you go through all of the plugins and fix your settings. Once you install Viral Loop you will have to update all of the plugins first, but they will remain there.

Voila, there  you have it. In an hour or less you can have a totally functional, content rich, easy to update website. You can build these quickly. You can add content quickly and you can get others to add content.

InstaNiche Viral Loop Quick Overview:

InstaNiche Problems:

The content is poor and you have to rebuild a lot of the site in order to make it actually functional once you have the site installed.

InstaNiche Brownie Points:

They host your sites, build your wordpress sites quickly and make setting up lots of sites a breeze. Also if you are good at restructuring existing content, you can grab articles and re write them around the keywords of your choice.

Viral Loop Problems:

You have to bring your own hosting.

Viral Loop Brownie Points:

Excellent content that can be expanded. Great theme out of the box that can be personalized. Encourages sharing. Amazing support. (probably the best support system I’ve ever seen when it comes to fixing problems/answering questions)

Honestly I’m thinking of setting these up as private blog networks around evergreen broad niches so that I can post and link to other money sites.

If you aren’t up for purchasing InstaNiche but want hosting for cheap. KickButtHost when purchased through Piggy Bank Ninja offers 5 years of free hosting. I have a Viral Loop site up on that hosting platform that performs well. I’m pretty sure you can only put one site  up there for free as there isn’t a whole lot of room on the server. But hey 30 bucks for 5 years of hosting…golden in my book.

There you have it…InstaNiche Viral Loop Kick Butt Combo. Go forth and build it – sales will come.