Just made a quick tutorial on how to make an iframe widget for SunFrog Tee Shirt Collections.  This make a super cool little widget that has more than one tee shirt in it and it totally customize-able for your specific website spot needs.

This is the iframe widget for SunFrog Tee Shirt Collections that you end up with

how to make an iframe for a sunfrog tee shirt collectionThought that is just a picture of what the widget looks like.

The steps are:

  • Make a SunFrog Tee Shirts Collection (SunFrog has made the collection making process so much easier lately!)
  • Get the Url from that collection
  • Go to http://www.iframehtml.com/iframe-generator.html to make your iframe. All you need is the url, how tall and wide you want the widget and to decide if you want the scroll bar or not and a border or not
  • Then press the make the iframe button.
  • Copy the iframe code and place it in a text box for a sidebar widget or place the widget code in your post/page.

I did this fast video on how to make an iframe widget for SunFrog Tee Shirt Collections

Okay, I confess, I did this so that when I needed to make these iframes I would have a handy place to find the information LOL


There you have it. This was way easier then I thought it was going to be. Not sure about how you feel about the one tee shirt widgets that are available on SunFrog Tee Shirt, but me, well, I like to give more then one option to my friends and readers.

Don’t forget to check how to sell SunFrog Tee shirts the free and easy way over at Sunfrog Tee Shirt Profits

You also really want to check out the incredible and comprehensive guide to using pinterest to sell – EVERYTHING including SunFrog Tee shirts that Jennifer Ledbetter (aka PotPieGirl) did over here. (She even has a special section about selling tee shirts with a link to a super special -and free- site that is amazing for making sales photos.) While this might seem a bit pricey at first blush I can assure you it is well worth the money.

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