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A friend of mine just recently turned me onto an incredible tool for affiliate marketing.  This is a wordpress plug in but also works on blogger blogs and Weebly blogs – though you can only put in a widget at this point. Using Prosperent as an alternative to Amazon links for those of you who live in states where Amazon isn’t allowing affiliates any longer is a great solution.

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*IMPORTANT NOTE* If you do have other affiliate links on your site you will want to make sure to go to the “ProsperLinks” setting in the wordpress plugin and de-activate both optimizers, otherwise all of those Amazon links will get redirected to Prosperent. The plugin was created this way to help affiliates that had many Amazon links orphaned when Amazon dumped their state or standing with them.


When it comes to make money affiliate links that are free to use some work way easier than others. This is one of the easy to use tools that comes with lots of support in the form of a very active forum.

Here is a Tutorial For Setting Up the Prosperent WordPress plugin Suite:

Highly recommend you listen to this as you are installing the Prosperent Suite Plugin

If you are a Reverse Attack Marketing member you can use Prosperent tools in your marketing efforts. Here is a tutorial I did to help you to be able to install Prosperent to Weebly and Blogger blogs:

After using the Reverse Attack Marketing Strategy for the last year now, I have to say that hands down it is the best investment I have ever made in my affiliate marketing education. There is only one upsell and that is to join the Google Plus group. The group alone is worth the price of admission, let alone the strategy that actually shows you how to set up sites to make money with affiliate offers.

Over the years I have joined several masterminds and paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to join. None of them come close to touching the help, support and inspiration I’ve found with Reverse Attack Marketing and the group.

If you haven’t looked at RAM yet, or if you had second thoughts about joining the group. Go join! It doesn’t matter what you are promoting online, you will learn how to do what you are already doing better and find new opportunities and make new connections too.

I’m so enamored with the group that I wrote a whole post about it over on my blogger blog: Jill’s Newest Creation.

Okay, so I started out to tell you about Prosperent and ended up telling you about RAM (again). The two tools work really well together.  When it comes to make money affiliate links free and easy to use, Prosperent is the tool you are looking for.



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