Yeah, yeah, I know, Google loves original content and everyone is in a tizzy about making sure it is your very own stuff that is being put out in the ether world.

When you take a closer look at what constitutes original content on the web you might be surprised to find out that most of the information that ranks high on Google (and other search engines) is not necessarily totally original information.

Most information, and certainly almost all “news” information is either a curated effort, or spun from other sources, like the AP for instance.


So how can you benefit from this knowledge in your own efforts to write timely and significant information so that you have original content on your website?

There are three methods that you can use. (There may be more but I like to distill them down to these three)

Original Content Your Website – Curate

Heidi offers up 7 Easy Ways To Curate Content

7 Ways to curate other people’ content

Here are seven ways to curate other people’s content presenting the information in a way that highlights your brand and point of view to attract your audience. Many of these suggestions are ripe for crafting magnetic headlines!) [read the whole article here]

Curate Content shares their thoughts on. . .

How to Curate Contents Properly

Write for your Audience- Decide your target audience and write the best of your part for them. High quality evergreen contents are alive for long and share through the web for a long time.

Share but don’t Steal!- Give proper link bank and credit to the original source. This will reward you having the same from the original source.

Use Channels- Use all the different channels for promoting, including social media sites, blogs as well as your email list.

Sharing old links- If you have shared a curated content once, you can again share it as long as you believe it is a great one and adding value to the readers.[read the whole article here]


I think that the first rule above, write for your audience, has got to be the most significant. When you are curating, and the above pieces are examples of curation, your main goal is to help your reader find all of the information they need to accomplish what ever your goal in writing was for them to accomplish. In this situation, I’m trying to show you how to curate for original content on your website.

Rule of thumb when curating content for your readers, never use more than 30% of an article and always, ALWAYS, give credit to the author. And if someone contacts you to take down what ever you have curated, take it down right away, not everyone wants their stuff shared. (I’m not too sure why not, but some just don’t)

Original Content Your Website – Spin

When I say spin content, I’m not talking about using some software that churns out unreadable content. What I am talking about is going to articles that are related to what ever your subject is, copy and paste them into a notepad page, then rewrite them in your own words while combining several articles together. Be sure to feature your keywords or phrases in the rewrite.

This technique works well in a variety of situations. If you are trying to do article marketing, where you are building a campaign around a set of keywords, this is a good way to handle creating original content even though you might not be an expert in the field you are writing in.

In an attempt to curate this part of this article I have discovered that there aren’t many people actually teaching how to spin content yourself so here are a few basics:

  1. Pick 3 or 4 articles around the topic/keywords you are targeting
  2. Copy and paste them to your notepad
  3. Go through the articles and write them, using different adjectives, move sentence parts around and move paragraphs around
  4. Copy and paste your final result into your blog post.

I’m going to use “how to write great content” as my keyword phrase here.

Original content from

Writing great content is a choice. You can choose to put in the time and work required to create great content and build a prosperous brand. Or you can choose to take the easy path and write poor content – a path that ultimately will get you nowhere. It will only result in a waste of time, energy and resources.

The path for content marketers is clear. In order to boost SEO rankings, gain traffic and/or leads, you need to have great content on your blog or website. [read whole article here]


Original content from Fresh Look Webdesign

Writing content is usually the most time consuming process in developing a website. This is a surprise to most people, and what is even more surprising to others is that a lot of times your web developer doesn’t write your content for you.The fact is that you know your business the best, and while it may be helpful to hire outside help, that can get expensive. Below is a helpful guide to know how to write content for your website.[read whole article here]

My Spun content:

When it comes to how to write great content for your blog or website, you need to make a choice, put in the time and work to create stellar content, or write crap and no one will ever find what you’ve written. A total waste of time.You need to understand how to write great content in order to gain traffic, find leads, and boost your SEO ranking.

Do you see how I took what they wrote, reworded it and made it my own?  Thanks for playing along Fresh Look Webdesign and Blog.Kissmetrics.

Original Content Your Website – Write It

The third approach is to write totally original content which is best done from experience. If you are an expert in a given field, then by all means write original content!
One other idea for creating original content for  your website is to find or make videos then transcribe them and put both the original video and the transcription on your blog.
Okay so that should get you going for a bit…go write original content for your blog, even if it isn’t so original. Feel free to post your link in the comments below if you decide to use one of these methods, let’s have a look at your masterpiece. 🙂

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