Sunfrog Tee shirts created a new shirt editor! We can now print on the front AND the back! So cool.

I just created a new design and took the Sunfrog Tee shirts new editor out for a spin. Though at the moment there seems to be a bit of a hick up, I’m confident the support staff will be remedying the situation here shortly. In the mean time let’s take a walk through the process, shall we?

Sunfrog Tee Shirts New Shirt Editor in Action

sunfrog tee shirts

This is the first section. I chose a guys tee in black to go with my white design. That is an Aleph Tav (the alpha & Omega only Hebrew). Because I designed it myself and I’m not real handy with photo shop, there are some specs in the letters, so I chose a grunge font for the back to make it look like it all goes together.

sunfrog tee shirts

I chose Birth of a Hero as the font. You will  notice you can chose to outline the text, the text color, centering and apparently you can have more than one text box. As you can see I had it automatically snap to horizontal and vertical center. This is going to print on the back of the shirt. Dark colored shirts sell better. So when selling Sunfrog Tee shirts, pick dark colors like blue, black, grey and maroon.

sunfrog tee shirts

The third step is to choose variations. You can add styles, like guys, gals & hoodies and up to five colors each style. Because we are having a moment here with the tech department, which is why I did all of these pictures to begin with, I only chose the one style and color.

sunfrog tee shirts

The fourth and last step in creating this Sunfrog Tee Shirts design is to pick your category. Mine is faith, write a description and add tags. Because you can only use 3 tags now I’m trying to pick one word tags I think that people who would buy my shirt would put in the search box. This will also be part of a larger collection.

Speaking of collections, did you see that you can specify a collection for your widget to pull from now? That is slick in my book.

So that is all there is to creating a Sunfrog Tee Shirt design these days. If you’d like to learn how to sell your Sunfrog Tee Shirt designs the free and easy way, you might want to check out SunFrog Tee Shirt Profits. Not only will you learn to sell SunFrog Tee Shirts the free and easy way, but you can apply these techniques to sell just about anything online.

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